Design leadership, strategy, and interactive design for Fitbit’s global marketing creative team. Responsible of, lifecycle, print, POS, eCommerce, events and social media. Built process and teams and provided mentorship for a 30 person creative team. Cross-functional collaboration and systems design advocate.—
Digital strategy, global design direction, Design, and UX for, social, lifecycle and event marketing. Team leadership on Fitbit Creative Labs, the creative marketing team at Fitbit.

Design: Fitbit Creative Labs

 Cart & Checkout—
Design direction and UX strategy for a complete reimagining of the cart and checkout experience focused on efficiency, ease-of-use and conversion with global considerations.

Designer: Marina Guerra

Product Launch Strategy—
Design direction for new product launches across all channels. We created guidelines for internal designers and stakeholders to assist in  delivering quality and consistency in marketing assets.

Design: Fitbit Creative Labs

Social Media—
Design direction for organic and sponsored social media assets. FCL collaborated with Fitbit content and social teams to create relevant and entertaining posts that celebrate health and fitness and Fitbit’s unique audience.

Design: Fitbit Creative Labs, external partners

Seasonal Campaigns—
Worked with internal and external teams to pitch and produce 360° marketing campaigns for key seasonal events that drive revenue across all channels.

Design: Kate O’brien, Kristin Brewer, Mae Garcia, Alexis MacDonald, FCL